Ask Aunt Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Penguins!

     Just like aunt artic from the penguin times here we have aunt alaska! Visit the ask alaska page to ask questions about clubpenguin! Also go there to find out her story! So far its already got 12 coments!  Party! There will be a party on Thursday October 4th! It will be at the Dojo and my igloo. On the american server and in the world Rainbow.  At  1:00pm Penguin Standard Time. Where i live that is 3:00pm so find out what time it will be for you.  This party is for Aunt Alaska so we will all dress up like her ( Red penguin, glasses,friendship bracelet, and a pink hat.) If you are a non member and dont have that stuff you can just be red. Or if u are a member but dont have any of that stuff at least be red.  Plz join us to honor our Aunt Alaska! 🙂

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  1. how do you tip the iceberg


  3. Can you wear all the stuff you could when you were a member?

  4. You have done it again! Superb writing.

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