Hi penguins! There are three new items!!!!!!!New Prizes! Yeah thats right THREE! You probaly think im lying , but im not. The two new items you probaly know of by now ( unless you havent gone on yet) are the paddle ball toy and the  candy necklace. The candy necklace is 700 tickets. The paddle ball toy is 1500 tickets. When you wave and you are wearing the paddle ball toy you will play with it when your hand is waving in the air. You can wear anything with play it! The other item is secret. To get it you have to simply buy all the items then you go to the prize booth and wait a couple of seconds until a rope apears. When the rope stops swinging click on it and it will make it seem like you gave  it a little tug, then the item will apear. Comment on what you think the item is! In other news…….. October is going to be huge! It all starts next week with the biggest clothing catalog of the year, the Costume Catalog! There will also be a brand new way to decorate your penguin! How awsome is that gonna be?!?!?!?!!!!  Hmmmmmm I might even have a special contest or somthing for celebrating the up coming holiday! HOLLOWEEN! TRICK OR TREAT SMELL MY FEAT GIVE MY SOMTHING GOOD TO EAT! IF YOU DONT I DONT CARE ILL PULL DOWN YOUR UNDERWEAR!lol! ( p.s that is a hint on the contest!) Make sure to tell your friends about my blog so we can have more ppls participating in the upcoming contest! When I get enough comments I will post the answer to what the secret item is! Have fun!! Or as Billybob would say Waddle On! LOL 🙂 😉

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